I jinxed myself

I spoke to soon, the Dr came back with the biopsy results. Grade 3 anablastic astrocytoma. That is bad. They are ranked from 1 to 4. 1 is good in tumour language. So it is a high grade tumour. SHIT! He is going back under the knife again next week (Tuesday), to remove as much as possible then starting with both Chemo and Radio therapy. i don’t know many more details yet. Still need to sort this thru my head.

It was all looking good for a few hours. When i got told, i didn’t say anything. I was numb, speechless. This is sucky. I was thinking about it all today. Not a very happy subject. I need to see Lauren. She cheers me up 🙂 Although when i told her, she had a cry for me. She is really tight with my family (seeing that she is my younger sister’s best friend), so i don’t know how she can be so positive and such a support to me.

For many years my dad got criticised in our chruch for being stoic. I think it is now helping all us kids get thru this process. He passed that onto us. In some respects im glad that he did, others well it can hinder things. My older sis remarked the other day “We have to stay strong” I’m not sure if that was for her or for me, but it helped me. At this stage we have to remain as possitive as possible. Lets see how that goes.

*/start possitive power./*

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3 Responses to I jinxed myself

  1. Lozi says:

    As a stranger, you don’t have to listen to my advice, but 5 years ago i was in the same situation as yourself, right to the position of the tumour in my mums head. but she’s still alive and kicking!! her quality of life has changed dramatically but she’s still the most beautiful person in the world and my inspiration. it does get easier and you do learn things about ppl you never knew. of course every situation is different but the way you handle it seems great. i’m no expert just a very sympathetic soul who understands. send me mail. LOZI 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Don’t give up!!! Hang in there. I know how you feel and I know it looks bad but just pry and for your dad. but just don’t give up and spend as much time with him and your family as you can.

    Maine USA

  3. 0.o says:

    It’s challenges like these that you need to remember to live in the now and make the moments count and enjoy the memories. Sounds crass coming from a stranger, for that I apologise. The thoughts I can spare are with you 🙂 -C

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