Hasn’t it been a while. Moving and all has been the best fun i can imagine, the many trips up and down the freeway. Mind you i got most of it up in one load in the back of 3 cars. Lots of fun. I am now mostly unpacked and ready to start looking for more steady employment after i get back from Melbourne next week. I have managed to pick up a few days with my old company. SO hopefully that will tide me over till i get a full time job.

Things are going good with Dad. I had to take him into his first Chemo treatment on Monday. Let me state hospitals are crap. I got lost looking for a freaking HUGE hallway. Then i had to find the Oncology room, which is out the back behind a wall, hiding. How dare it! Anyhow i finally found out where i needed to go, after getting directions from 1. An oncologist, 2. my mum on the phone.

Dad has successfully been enrolled in receiving this brand new drug that cost $40k a year, but is getting it for basically free cause of the government is paying for it (thanks PBS system)Â He starts his Radiotherapy in about a months time. That is when things get fun i think, luckly he doesn’t have to wear a bandana, cause well he is almost bald anyhow. 😛

I am going ok with it all, he as had stiches taken out now, so looks more normal. Things seem to have settled down now to it being a normal part of life. It is funny i never thought it could become normal. It has though, a bad/good normal. There has been support from people all over the place. One good thing though is the fact that we are getting a puppy tommorrow, and another in about 6 weeks. We are going to be overrun with puppies! Hurray, and i will have to look after then. What a shame! 😀 One is a Black Labrador x Golden Retreiver. The other is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pure breed, it is going to be fun and hard work at the same time. So anyone wanting to see cute puppies in a few days, check out my flickr account.

Things are looking up at the moment. Hopefully it can stay that way.

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2 Responses to Newness

  1. Ingrid says:

    PUPPIES! yay omg so cute!!! Will be checking your flickr account!

  2. Simone says:

    Yes, hope it stays that way too!

    Very much looking forward to puppy photos!!!



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