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Well…lets see what has been happening!

Tweet Well a lot has been going on in the last few weeks. I got a job. I’m working for the government. It is a great job, great view of the river, pretty good pay, and talk about location. I’m … Continue reading

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im back

Tweet Sorry for not writting sooner, i didn’t die honestly. You might have noticed that my site was down for a bit. I’m having to find a new host, as the guy that is hosting me can’t afford it anymore. … Continue reading

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Tweet Well i’m in Melbourne. Guess what?, Its raining!! Hurray, now my socks are all wet and i knew that i brought the wrong shoes as soon as i packed my bags. Oh well, i just need to change them … Continue reading

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Browse happy

Tweet Now i normally don’t put post up in Internet Explorer, mainly because i don’t like Microsoft or the software that they produce or the way they go around with there business. Im an open source kinda guy. So imagine … Continue reading

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