Well i’m in Melbourne. Guess what?, Its raining!! Hurray, now my socks are all wet and i knew that i brought the wrong shoes as soon as i packed my bags. Oh well, i just need to change them once i get back to the Backpackers. We flew over on ultimate cattle class, JetStar. It was fun to sit right at the back, at least we got to have no leg room, no way to put the seat back to sleep, and a toilet flushing behind my head all the way over. For 3 long and teadious hours, i tried to read but couldn’t it was a moving object, i can’t read in movng objects. Anyhow i am hoping that things get better, i have an interview with my old company this arvo about a job, and tomorrow i have interviews for a job in Canada. So things are look good.

One thing i didn’t realise was how much fashion there is over here, i like some of it, but i must say that most of the blokes look like tossers, and the chicks look, well ugly. I feel like im back in the 80’s that is the fashion over here at the moment. It sucks, i am proudly wearing my SQL tee. It is great, sure to get some interest from someone. That is all for now, im stealing the net from Jess’s old work, its fun.

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  1. tim says:

    where you gone? no more blogging?

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