And another one bites the dust

What tragic week for Australia. 2 Favour Sons have died. Earlier in the week it was Steve Irwin. On firday it was Peter Brock. For those that don’t like motor racing, he was a legend of the sport. He won the Bathurst 1000, 9 times. (Its a car race over 1000km/ 500 miles, non-stop with 2 drivers)Competed in everything, and was a truly awesome man. He was 61. It is totally shocking to me that someone with 30 years professional driving experience, can die by loosing control of his car and crash into a tree. It is a sad mood over the whole of Australia at the moment. Wether you are sad because of Steve Irwin, or Peter Brock. 2 legends, one week. Life sucks. At least they died both doing what they loved.

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