To Fast

I seem to work to fast. Every day i tend to do butt loads more work than anyone else in here. It may be my impeccable touch typing skills, that have put me at the fore front of work productivity. It may just be that i work constantly all day long, don’t stop for chit chat very often. All i know is that i work to fast for a public servant. So to make me work slower, i have come up with some ideas that might help me to slow down.

1. Find the date in my lifetime that doesn’t use the same number more than once in the following date format. dd/mm/yyyy

2. Type emails to my sister in lauggane all oevr the palec. It is fun and tmie cnuomsing.

3. Type Blog entries (alas this was written at work).

4. Stare out the window, or stare at the screen, pretending to do work.

These things are all counter productive, but seeing as most other people around here aren’t doing as much work as me, well i guess i can slack off for the last month of my employment. In the end all the work gets done anyhow. You may think that i am big-noting myself, well i suppose i am. Nothing wrong with it in the right place. So stop your whining.

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One Response to To Fast

  1. Shell says:

    I once played solitaire for an entire week!!! On another occassion I carried a clip board with nothing on it around for a month…..excllent Government jobs…..

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