Birthday Yay, I’m Old

Well i am now old. Yep i should just lay down an die right now. I’m officially old. 2 six. Yep, luckly im off to do some fun stuff which should keep me young at heart. We at least i hope so. Anyhow i have some cool but small gifts which i need to try out. Wish me luck! I’m off back to being old again.

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3 Responses to Birthday Yay, I’m Old

  1. Stevos says:

    Hey mate, I know its late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I agree with Kirst about being 30, it seems old until you get there and find out life isn’t really that different and there’s actually alot more to look forward to. Haven’t checked your blog in a while but sounds like things are looking up for you. You’ve got it in you to have an enjoyable life and make good friends, I belive in you cuz. Life goes up and down for me but its good just to talk about we feel and know people around you do care about you. Anyway, have a good one, lol from stevos

  2. Luna says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had lots of fun things to do! (besides probably packing)

  3. Kirst says:

    Lucas, I think you really need to see someone more about what you are feeling….laying down and dying is not good…what do you suggest I do then at 30???? You need to talk to someone more about this and I would suggest that you do need to consider going on medication it will help with the way you are viewing things and your ability to cope with all these changes and feelings in your life if only for the immediate hard time you are going through. Will talk to you later tongiht but I love you and am always here for you…Love Kirst x x x

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