Long time no write

WoW! where did time go? Is it that late already? Who would have thought, it would be some 2 weeks since i last posted? I have been flat out, working, socialising, sleeping, getting ready to go. Everything is happening so fast now. It is only less that 2 weeks till i go, 16th November is when i leave. Can’t wait, but nervous cause there is so much to do before then! Just need to write a few lists and get this in order.

To break up this rush, this weekend i decided to take a weekend away, with a friend. She doesn’t want her name on the internet, ( even though i’m sure there are other people with the same name on the internet already). Anyhow, it was a great relaxing weekend, drunk some wine (lavender included), ate some chocolate, ate some cheese. It was all pretty awesome weekend. Now back to work for the final time, and then party on Friday night (all welcome 5pm at the Moon and Sixpence, Murray St, Perth), before going to a day on the green on Sunday. Should be heaps of fun, but going way to fast!

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