I have been thinking recently about friends. I gave up my childhood friend some 2 years ago. It was a moment that changed my life, for the better i think. Under no reason or thinking was it easy to do. I think to date it is the hardest single decision i have had to make in life. Nothing has come esay since that time. It was a point in my life that changed the way i view myself, my life, my friends, my whole world. Why would anyone want to give up their friends, well to put it simply. I didn’t want to give them up. The place where i was, wasn’t for me. So i moved on. That in no way is meant to be read as a put down to anyone that i know from my childhood.

Since that time, i moved to Perth, it has been tough to make some quality friends. Finally when i go to leave, they are all coming out of the wood work. Friends to me are life. Without them nothing seems like fun, exciting. I will each and everyone of them.
I suppose that is why the last year and a bit has been tough. I haven’t had many that i can count on. That takes time i know, to build that friendship. It just sucks that finally, when i’m leaving to go overseas i am starting to make some really good ones. Ones that i think i can grow with and share anything with. I know that i will make new ones when im overseas, but honestly i don’t think i made enough here to start with.
Many people over the last few weeks have been telling me that i’m “a gentleman”  and a “good bloke” or “to nice”. To my annoyment (is that a word) it has bugged me to be the good guy, i only want to be normal. But now, i know that makes me special. I’m old fashioned and well, proud of it. If this is something that draws people to me, well im glad it happened that way. Without it i would still be friendless, and that would be the saddest thing to happen.

I came to Perth with nothing, but my belonging and a sister to live with (She rocks by the way!). I made a few friends over the net, to date i have been treated like a piece of shit by them. Not all of them i must say. Just the majority. The way i was treated was partly my fault i must say, i allowed it to happen/ continue on for too long. That is why i have left them to their world of net talking and name calling. I am better than that. I have value, no one can take that from me. It has been a year in which i grew stronger because of what they did. It has changed me, made me stronger. I went out with one of them as well. The experience has taken me 2 girlfriends, to overcome. Both Women are wonderful beautiful people, who will find Men that treat them the way they want, no deserve to be treated. Told you, im old fashioned!

Im going to finish up now. One final thing i want to say is that you need to tell your friends that they are exactly that, what you mean to them. Life is to short to wonder. Take the plunge, you might get some suprises but that is life. Live it!

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  1. coralie says:

    love what you’ve said there. you really do seem to be a good bloke. never be sad/ashamed/disappointed about being one of the good guys. 🙂

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