New Zealand Update

Well staying in one place to long gets boring. Yep it does. The town of New Plymouth doesn’t have a heap to offer, it is a nice town still. Hopefully when we get to Golden it might be a bit more exciting. Things have been a bit blah over the last few days, mainly cause we have been sleeping most of the day (till 11am) and then not doing much. Chillin’ mainly. I have been trying to perfect my speech of how to say Taranaki, cause you have to say it right, or the locals get annoyed. Well ok I made up the annoyed but. Still it is impolite not to say things like the locals correctly. The last few days and in fact every hour have been blurred, cause im not wearing a watch. It is totally putting me out. I feel naked without it, so bizarre.


Other new and important news is that we are starting earlier at Kicking Horse. They say it is puking snow so that is cool, come on broken wrist!! (jokes!!) We are starting work on the 1st of December a few days early. The only thing is that we only arrive on the 30th, so hopefully we can get some quick training and be able to do our jobs well enough before we have to actually see anybody.


New Plymouth is a pleasant town to visit, hopefully if your in the area of New Zealand you can come and visit. Things to see in the area, the Mountain. Although most of the time it is covered in fog or cloud, it is still cool to be so close. Maybe you can get lucky and score a day with no cloud  and a good view!!

The wandy-thing, it is large. Red. And sways in the wind. A bit of weird design, but it does tell you if the wind is blowing, surprising really, cause I didn’t feel cold before seeing the wandy-thing almost vertical.

Um, the beaches. After living in Perth for a year and a bit more it is weird to see sand a different colour, even a different texture. It was BLACK PEOPLE, BLACK!!! The sand is black! It freaked me out, apparently it is caused from all the iron ore around the area. Who would have know.

Another thing to be cautious of is the speed limit. I know it sounds stupid, but it isn’t cause there is nothing more a Taranaki Copper would like to do than to pull you over, and say “Hey bro, what speed ya’ doin’?  Stick to the dreadfully slow, but cool limit of 50km/h. When everyone is going that slow, 55 feels like you’re a speed demon and in a hurry. Freaky.

That is all from me, hopefully I can update this when we get to the land of Mounties and Moose’s, and puking loads of Snow. I so don’t know what im in for. 

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