Over the last few weeks i have been getting lots of compliments. It has ranged from my new found snowboarding abilities to my work as a lift operator even the type of person that i am becoming. One thing that has got me all the time has been the fact that people have said it in the first place. It hasn’t always been Canadians either, Australians and New Zealanders have chipped in. I thought it would be the positive affirmation stuff from the Canadians, kind of like the American thing.

This has surprised me. Why? Well cause of the fact that i normally don’t hear many compliments, it made me think of a post i did ages ago. Don’t get me wrong i do love compliments, they rock! The thing that has shocked me has been the frequency of them and how passionate they are. They are not like ” Your not bad at..” They are positive, like “You rip pretty hard for how long..”etc.

I do value each and every compliment that i get, it makes me feel special. Maybe i should start handing out more? I just don’t want them to appear hollow. The fact that so many compliments have been handed to me over the last few weeks made me scared of the person that i am becoming. Weird? Yeah it is a bit hard to handle receiving the volume that i have. Now i don’t want to appear pigheaded, cause that is the last thing i am. It is just, well not normal. One every few weeks would do me fine. Now let me state that there is nothing about myself that i don’t like at the moment. In fact i am loving life at the moment. It seems as though, most things are going along smoothly. I still have my ups and downs, the news about dad has been a big up. Other situations made life complicated, but still enjoyable. All i can say now is that, i love the compliments, and everything is going so smoothly i love it.

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5 Responses to Compliments

  1. Em says:

    Personally, I happy for you!!! Go for it and keep ripping that snow mate!! Compliments are probally well deserved as you work pretty hard. Anyways i just reckon take it as it comes, but keep it simple. I don’t really like compliments myself, I never know what to say back and feel awkward inside but appreaciate them all the same. I’d rather get a compliement about my work than myself – but I think that’s because we have been brought up insecure and not confidant in our individuality – so can totally understand the double guessing. You have a skill for working the crowd, and working the powder by the sound of it – live it and don’t look back, love em xo.

  2. Dad says:

    Hi Luke,
    It is always good receiving compliments but as Mum said it is better to give than receive. I also knew plenty of good rugby players who were praised to the heavens but were arseholes in real life !! It is the balance between being secure with your own inner self and acepting what people say about you.

    I rememeber reading a book by David Niven who was a famous Hollywood actor in the 30’s 40’s & 50’s who in WWII left Hollywood and joined the RAF. He met Winston Churchill the Bristish PM at a garden party who congratulated him on joining the war effort – but also said it would have been disgusting if he hadn’t joined up. To me you can see similarities in how you can live a life. It is not doing the right thing or what you think people want you to do – but what you feel is right in side of you. After all you have to face the consequences of your own actions.

    Love Dad

  3. mum says:

    “Believe your friends and family for they are the ones that know the real you, Champions.”

    This is what YOU wrote at the end of the post that you mentioned in this blog….HMMMMMMM me thinks !!!!

    If you don’t belive us, then you are calling us liars….. ?

    At the same time, Luke, it IS FAR BETTER to give than receive. I don’t want you getting a Big head (not a pig head!) from all the nice things that are being said. You do need to balance it alongside the other stuff you have been told about yourself as well….make sure you work on being as open to hear all things and let that which is true remain.

  4. coralie says:

    oh, forgot to say .. i wouldn’t be handing out compliments in return just because you get one. better to say something only when you really mean it, or like you said, they just come out sounding hollow.

  5. coralie says:

    don’t be worried about more compliments coming your way. that’s a great thing! the real you must be coming through loud & clear & people obviously like it. 🙂

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