Ho Hum

I have just been talking to an ex girlfriend. The only one i talk to, really. She has found a new man. I am so happy for her. Things didn’t end very well for us. It lingered on for a while, she still liked me, I wasn’t into it but i kept things going for myself. I was moving overseas in a few months. Looking back i was confused, and didn’t know what i wanted. I was a bit of an ass. I felt really bad for breaking it off. It was for the best though. I just talked to her on MSN, she is going great guns. I just got a little sad, cause well that was the longest relationship i have been in, it was great fun. I want another, things just seem to get in the way. Distance, former relationships, timing, life etc. I suppose that is why people make them work. I will find one, I’ll just wait patiently till it does happen.
I have moved on from it, learnt from it, and hopefully grown from it as well. There is no malice in our relationship, she is truly a great chick, and the man that snagged her is a lucky man.

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  1. Excellent attitude!

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