Phew time

Well that was a long break. I have been so busy that i haven’t been able to think, or anything. Working 6 days doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I have been out most nights, the few nights that i am home i tend to go to bed early. Hopefully i will get out of here a bit early today. Thus enabling me to do some desperate washing. Tidy up my tiny room, sort out some photos to put online, sort out visas etc. Well let me see what else has been happening, i am staying for the summer, after a small trip back to Australia. To pay off debts, and get some love from family. I am only planning no staying for around a month. Hopefully i can pay enough of the credit card to buy a flight back to Canada. For now the cheapest i have seen is $1600 one way. I think cause it is summer when im flying back it is more expensive. Thinking about just getting a one way, then buying the other way when the summer is over. Time to think that over still. Things otherwise are going great, loving the boarding. Although i did fall down a cliff and broke the core on my board. That sucked, i patched it up and it still works, just dodgey. I am getting a mate to help me fix it a bit better.

Personally things are still complicated with me. To many people that interest me. Although the natural evolution of things has narrowed things down. I don’t want to say to much as it would be not the right thing to do. Sorry if you wanted more goss. I still worry about dad a bit, although now i think that he will be fine. Being away has been different. I’m not totally sure how to describe it. It is like im over here and it is easy to forget about everyone else over there. Of course i think about dad and the whole family. Just normal day life seems to be so busy for me that i don’t think to much about it.

Apart from that all is good. I’ll try and write more as time goes on. I need to dedicate time to blogging more. Maybe i should do it as a weekly thing. Like a wrap up of the week?? we’ll see.

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