Its a date!

Went on a date the other night. It felt like to me a total failure. She however thought that is was ok. Went to a flash restaurant in town. There wasn’t the spark that i thought might happen. I had been chatting with this lady for a few weeks before. Had a few flirts on a few occasions. i thought that i would ask her out on a date, she said yep so it was a go. Things started out ok, but there wasn’t a spark that i was hoping for. She is super quiet i felt like i was talking the whole time. We then went to the pub where we met up with a few more people which made it a little less awkward.  In the end she gave me a kiss good-night. Which confused the hell out of me seeing as i saw the night as a failure. Not a total failure cause we are still friends, but you know not happy with how things went. I texted her that i was confused, she replied. That she just wanted to be friends, which in a way im happy with. There wasn’t that bang, spark, combustion, i am used to when i find girls that im interested in. So were friends, she will be around this summer so it will be good to have some people that i am already friends with.

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