To late…you loose

It feels as though i have just lost a good friend. I haven’t in reality, she is just leaving the town. I’m sure that we will keep on talking. I am going to miss her, she was fun to be around. My feelings toward her had starting to slowly change. At first-first it was just friends. Then was the crush stage, then that changed. Into the “Argue about anything” stage. I was thinking about why i go into the “argue..” stage. I figured out that it was just me being a jerk, and testing the waters. I feel as though i need to do it just to make sure that some will like me for me, not cause of my looks (they are not good ATM, long haired hippy) or something else superficial.
I talked with her flat mate about it, she was totally shocked, didn’t know what to say. I think the word, speechless could be used in this place. We had a good chat. It was almost the best chat that i have had with her. There wasn’t anything that we didn’t talk about, you know the chats? Great stuff, managed to get lots off my chest, and think that i will keep in contact with both of them.

I excursus (like that one dad) from my original subject matter. So i am unsure what to do. I think i will take is slowly, keep talking. I have given her a hint that im interested, she seems to be responding favourably. So i will play along. She is a Canadian too.. watch out mum! I might not come home!! LOL (My uncle came over to work in Canada, and is still here.. with a wife and 2 kids).

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  1. Mum says:

    dont’ you worry I am already watching out !!! though I do worry more that you will badly hurt yourself in the Canadian wilds, than re falling in love !!! If you do end up with a lovely Canadian gal, then we will happily visit you for at least 6 months of every year lol !!!!

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