So the numbers dwindle

Everyone is leaving. I’m not to happy. I didn’t think that i would be happy, but it kind of snuck up on me. Why? I guess that i was always ready for this to happen, but the way that things worked makes it suck all the more. Monday night was a very evenful day/night. I managed to drink myself so drunk that i was passed out by around 7pm. I did start at 1pm, and i did manage to drink around 500ml of Rye. It was strong and yummy, until it came back up. Mmm i thought i should give it a break for a day, so i stopped for a little while. The staff day was on, so i put a few more down, not to fast mind you. I was giving sips away like the queen at a royal function (sounded good in my head). So then i went down the hill and hit the best powder of the day, on a part of the hill that hadn’t been skiied all year long! I got first tracks and jumped the cornice. It is awesome. I rule! (and jess drools (personal joke)) 

So after coming down the mountain i got another drink, and carried it around for ages before giving it away. I had enough by then, only 3. My tummy wasn’t up to the terror, i bled it dry the night before, so needed to wait for food. I managed to pick up the drink a few hours later. Though it was only social drinking, and i wasn’t going hard core. It was still a good effort. Then i went to bed, woke up and had breaky with my friends plus ring-ins (Hi Amberrrr). After that i went back to Son-ja and Mandy-moo’s place to help them pack. It was sad. Sonja had brough her dad’s big “fuck off truck” Aptly named cause it is a Ford F350 Super Duty, with cab. Taller than me, and heavier as well. So big you could fit 4 people across the back seat and not be squashed at all. She loves it, not sure why.

So we fairwelled Sonja at around 5, it was sad. I moped around for a bit. Then went and dropped some stuff off at Christine’s place and proceeded to help Mandy-moo clean the rest of the house. It turned out ok. Went home and slept. Good stuff! So everything is winding down and i don’t like to see my friends disappear. Hopefully they will keep in contact.

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