Washington the second

So Washington has been really great so far. Done lost of walking and lots of sleeping.  I have seen, the Linclon Memorial, WWII, Vietnam, Obilisk, Old Post Office, Museum of Holocust, Museum of Air and Space, Museum of everything elsenot in a museum. That is not it all either! I plan on going to Arlington and the JFK tomorrow, then i think the next day i leave at night, so am going to take it easy, hopefully everything goes smoothly. Then i have around 1 week in Europe and a few days in Singapore, before i get home and hit the wedding bandwagon head on! Shall leave it there for the moment, still need to fill you in on NYC as well, maybe when i have more time. I did lots more walking there!! I’m having fun, but miss people. You know who you are.

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2 Responses to Washington the second

  1. Dan M says:

    I know phil you Missed me HAHAHAH just joking buddy 🙂 sounds like you have a great timw, thats great.

    Dan M

  2. Mum says:

    Aw shucks..nice to know you miss me lol….see you soon matey…love mum

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