To short

WOW! Time has totally flown by here. I just landed 3 weeks ago, and now it is time to leave. It was a fun time being back in Australia. Weird at the start, cause Canada looked so far away, but as i just lived here, knocking down pergolas, doing paving around the house. moving sand (not dirt or soil, just sand) Catching up with friends. The time has flown by. The fun has been had. I didn’t realise that i had so many people to catch up with. It has been great to catch up with all of them. The funny thing is that there isn’t many guys amongst them. That is, i wouldn’t say worrying just unusual to see.

I went to a rugby game with Dad, Australia vs Fiji. A drubbing 49-0. It was a good time, just chilln with Dad. It seems that Dad and mines’ relationship is getting a bit better. Not that it was bad to start with, it was just stilted. Generally keeping to the male topic of Sport. Things seem to be going good though.

For those that i haven’t told, and that would be all your readers. Dad had an MRI the Monday before i arrived and it came back all clear!! YAY!! So that means that there
is no sign of the Brain Tumour, at all in the cavity or anywhere around. 6 Monthly check ups are still needed to keep on top of it. The only downside at the moment is short term memory. Though we are hoping that this will return to normal with more use of the brain. The Brain will build stuff back up in the hole, or changes parts which aren’t used normally to help. Quite amazing really.

So yeah, everything is good. I will miss Australia. I didn’t think i would. I have no time frame for when i will be back. I have a possible 18 months up my sleeve. My uncle did the same, His sleeve is reaching 20 years. Damn pretty Canadian women!

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3 Responses to To short

  1. Mum says:

    And how many Bloody times do I have to tell you kids…


    too = TOO many drinks makes you drunk….I owe the bank TOO much money

    to = like to or…. I am going TO ring my Mum soon… I am going TO the pub for a beer…or a Canadian rye and coke… the one I spilt all over the carpet at home….and now it is TOO (way TOO bad) ruined TO clean so Mum and Dad will have to replace it LOL… as well as the carpet in THEIR room (because it belongs to us) which Dad spilt red win all over !!!! aaaaah……………..Pro Hart…eat your heart out ……

    there = over there.. not here but here

    their = their shoes (belonging to) their undies, their crap, their drinks…

    they’re = they are they’re a waste of time….they’re homeless..they’re my wonderful kids whom I love so much…but that is another lesson…… xoxoxo mumsy

  2. Mum says:

    PS I think I will get my scissors out and cut your sleeve…18 months is TOO long… mumsy

  3. Mum says:

    Hey matey… we really do appreciate all the hard work you have done for us whilst you have been here with us..( no way we could have done 1/2 of it).but even more so, we have loved having you around…you are right – your dad does love you and so do I.. things can only get better ! as you both relax things will get even more relaxed and natural… funny how men have more trouble relating than women……hmmmm….And by the way, we have to have the old MRI every 3 months but we are totally thinking positive… so no tumour till all you kidlets get married and get us some darn grankiddies… and that’s a promise !!!

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