One of those Times

I had one of those the other day. I’m referring to the times when you can see memories being formed. I was riding a bike, with my Mp3 player going. Crusing along, it was a nice sunny day, around 25C. The music was relaxing and fun, then i came to the railwway crossing, could have crossed just infront of the train, but decided to wait and let it go. It was a long train, i got bored and started to go down the track beside the train, the access road. it was speeding along beside me. Whilst i was getting jolted around the place on the bumpy track. it was just a really splendid time. The Mountains, my music, the train, me racing the train, the suny weather. It felt like i was at home, like i could do this forever. Wether or not i can is a different matter which the government will decide. I can see heaps of good memories being made this summer, and it doesn’t even matter where i work. Fun Times ahead!!

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  1. Mum says:

    Sounds wonderful… and you know what, those sorts of memories DO stay with you too.. I can still recall with a warm glow of ? a day I spent chasing butterflies down at a creek near where I lived… it was the best day… the sun was shining, I was at peace with nature(even though I was chasing those poor little butterflies in order to kill them hmmmm) I waded through the creek…caught tadpoles, searched for hidden treasures…. I went back there a few years ago and it was all gone…. I think we oldies had a lot more freedom to do stuff like that when we were young… no stranger danger, TV, computers to worry about. I also recall a day down at Kangaroo Valley – maybe you can remember it too Luke – you and Dad went in a canoe and you wet your dad with your paddle… it was just “one of those special days”… so Matey, Make as many special memories as you can – they are great company when you are older…love to you Mumsy

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