Yay sun!

Well it is quite sunny over here, getting upto 33C. People are starting to complain that it is too hot. Really this is only the 3 hot day that i can think of. So c’mon it isn’t that bad. Apart from the heat, i have been working lots so that i can pay people back. I owe monies to lots of people. Damn moving expenses! It is cool though, i live really close to town and drinking pubs are only a few minutes away. I did miss Golden when i was gone, it is cool bumping into people and having a chat, then going about your business. So yeah everything is going well, i’m hoping to get a bit more of a tan soon, need to. I got a t-shirt tan ATM. Bugger!

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2 Responses to Yay sun!

  1. Tim Auld says:

    Hi Luke,
    So where are you working?


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