So I have 3 jobs this summer, currently. 2 up on mountain and one in town. I have a night lifty job, where i sit and watch people get off and on a gondola. I get to learn German at this job, it is awesome. I also know that it is only for summer, and not planning on doing it later on.

The other 2 jobs are IT jobs, working with Computers. Something i want to do forever. They are totally different jobs as well. One i’m a hardware tech guy, fixing pcs, basic kinda work. Stuff that any computer person could do. The job just for a job kinda work.

The other is Corporate work, servers, users rights all that sorta hardcore stuff that businesses do. Plus it is on a ski hill.

I enjoy both jobs, and at this stage happy with both. The thing is that im thinking more career orientated at the moment. Sure i get the same money at both places, so that isn’t an issue. I just don’t think that working as a local tech will get me to where i want to be in 3-4 years. I don’t want to be stuck at the bottom of the wage pile for ever. Min wage is ok, i can live. But feel like i’m unable to dream for things to do. I want to be earning so i can work hard and feel like im getting somewhere. Saving for a house, car, new Apple Macbook Pro (drool!!) (BTW that is in almost reverse order!!)

So yeah the thing is that i have told the guy in town that i will work for him during winter. The only thing being is i said that without really knowing what i wanted. It was on my trial week that i said yes. Then i thought about the work that i would be doing and am not sure now. It’s a small town and thus there is a shortage of people with the skills that i have. He basically would have no one else to work for him. So i feel like im stuck between a rock and a larger rock right now.

I’m not the kind of guy that can shaft someone, just up and leave. So i think i know what i want just afraid to do it. Decisions need to be made and thus i don’t like making the hard ones. But that is life though.

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5 Responses to Choices

  1. Dad says:

    yeah matey you’ll need to be able to afford a house that dad and I can come and stay in for months at a time lol he he..that’s what we are planning to do with the Big K…go stay for a while every year…in between doing our grandparently duties down south(hint hint)

  2. Shell says:

    I think do the corporate one if its going to get you further in the future. I understand the whole letting ppl down thing but at the end of the day its your dream and no one is going to make it happen other than you, yourself and You….hmm yes….you’ve done the boring stuff do the challenging one that we already know you can do…minimum wage sucks arse…you need to be making millions in years to come…Id like to do a cruise..hahahaha

  3. Kirst says:

    I think if you do decide to go for the coporate job that you would have to stay there for a while and agree with tim but if you think you will be happier starting your dream then go for it….the other guy will understand if you say that this is where you are heading and want to focus on….don’t worry I am going through the same decisions should I try for sydney or stay here in hamilton where the guys are going to support me getting onto the plastics scheme but again I would be commiting to trying to stay here…love you Kirst x x x p.s. exciting that mum and dad are coming to visit!!!

  4. Dad says:

    Remember the saying “Trust your hopes not you fears”
    Do not be afraid that you may upset the guy. If you give him enough notice he could find someone else. Tim’s comments are also good one about your career – only you will know if you have the previous experience in being a Techie.

    Love Dad

  5. Tim Auld says:

    Hi Luke,
    Don’t feel to much under pressure to move on. Both the IT jobs that you have are really good jobs to have on your resume. It is probably more important for the next job that you put in a little time in these jobs. Your next employer is going to be looking for a person who is going to give him some time in the job. Enjoy where you are for now.


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