Well it seems like i am now off the market. It has been 2 of the craziest weeks around. The other 2 were along time ago in Mexico, with a bottle of Tequila and ….lets not go there.

So her name is Sara, she is 5’9″, has Blue eyes and is a worker at the local Women’s centre. With a bachelor of Sociology under her belt. She is a spelling freak, there and their and your and you’re are her fav concerns. I like to annoy her about it, just spelling it wrong to make her jump. It is fun.

Everything is going really well actually, im enjoying being around her and we seem to be able to talk about everything and anything that we want to. Which is a change from other people i have liked before. i have always kept something back. This just seems natural, and right at the moment.

My job choices aren’t being made any easier. I am still undecided on what to do. I am going to give the local tech job a go, and also apply for the one on mountain. Hopefully something will find its way there. I am hopeful that the mountain one will change from hourly to perm full time. As that is what i need to be able to stay longer. So everything is really crazy currently. Folks are coming soon, i am leaving my house to find a new one, im getting a car, i have a girlfriend (yay!) and well i have 2 jobs that i want. So things are still bonkers for me. Will it ever slow down? just for a little?? I think i need a holiday to let all the worries wash away.

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  1. em says:

    ohhh if forgot to tell you something…. i had this really good joke the other day… i had to get off the phone from Shadreck and he was like “ohhh i thought i was special”… and i said “uh ha you’re 4.99 reduced from 6.99 you are special!!” ahahhahaha well i laughed at myself as usual and that it the end of my story!

    have a great day! 🙂 xo

  2. em says:

    heeeeey luke, that’s awesome eh! i heard it from the grapevine first to be honest… you know how it is… but that’s REALLY cool! keep enjoying yourselves and glad mum and dad can pass on a hug from me soon!

    i put some pics of shad on my website. i know you didn’t get to meet him last time you were back home but they are some nice ones. we are going really strong too and i feel like you and Sara… that i can just share everything…. man i even danced in front of him!! so that was scary for me coz you know how i usually just dance to my music in my room, but i felt like ahhh oh well i felt like doin a lil groove…. speaking of which have you been watching so you think you can dance?? the new season just came out here and it’s great, if you get a chance keep an eye on a guy called hok…. he’s my favourite so far just awesome!

    anyways love you heaps my big bro, take it easy like a sunday morning….
    em xoxooxoxxo

  3. Mum says:

    Ok I’ve stopped saying nice things about you.. shall I start telling the yukky stories now ???

    Ps It’s embarrassing………

  4. Gussy says:

    Mum, please do stop, i know your happy. But your embrasing (sp?) me.

  5. Kirst says:

    hey lucas, great talking to you today..thank you so much for calling..been a while but should do it more often…thinking about that across canada trip sounds fantatsic but as I said later in the year would be better for me and not get too many people’s knicker’s in a knot. Glad your loving it over there…can’t wait to see you in your new habitat….funny I just realised I am the only one without a boyfriend/husband/girlfriend…man that sucks!!!! (though jess not sure about your situtaion but he is calling you regularly…that bodes well!!) happy for you all though….I’ll lead you all in the way not to do things ie medicine!!!! haha no I am actually fine…am enjoying my new furniture looks pretty good if I say so…maybe I should go and do interior design instead I love this stuff!!! Love Kirst x x x

  6. Mum says:

    Ps as you may ahve gathered, I amnot a good typer////… he he lol

  7. Mum says:

    Hi Sara…. Glad to hear that things are going well for you guys… I guess I don’t have to tell you but Luke is a special kind of guy…an unusual mix of soft heart, emotions and strength…. I’, so glad to hear eh has found soemone like you to share himself with…see you real soon, Love Mum xox

  8. Sara says:

    Ah Luke, you’re too cute. I don’t think I’m that crazy about spelling. I just have to write lots for work. You can tell your Mom that I feel comfortable talking to you too.

  9. Mum says:

    I’m liking the sound of Sara…. a person you can talk to about everything is THE most important thing in a relationship….. being able to be totally you is the only way to build a solid foundation…I hope you are giving her the same freedom….(I’m sure you are) The other thing I like is that she is tall…I hate seeing tiny girls with tall chaps..looks dumb and I always wonder how they can kiss etc without hurting themselves…lol… the fact that she may finally teach you how to spell is also FANTASTIC news….. how many times have I tried to teach you kids re the correct spelling of there, their and they’re ???? !!!! Looking forward to meeting her in a few weeks…. we have booked the bus down on the 27th..so will see you at the bus stop @10.30pm on my birthday ok ? We have also booked the KHRL for 4 nights so far…………….love Mum xox

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