All done

Well my time at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has come to an end.  It was partly a sad ending, and part fun.  I did enjoy all the people up there, and the vibe is good.  In the end the money wasn’t there, 2  season passes isn’t enough to cover the increased loss of income.  It is a nice perk, and a perk at that. It was really hard for me to get 1 weekend off. It was the last weekend of the season, and my folks were in town.  I also got one weekend rejected, cause they had laid off everyone else to cover shifts.  Mind you i did have the shifts up for at least 3 weeks before being informed of this. I was slightly pissed (still am a bit).

So i am working at East Kootenay Electronics, and enjoying it quite a lot. I thought that i wouldn’t have the skills, and was told by other people i didn’t have them either. Turns out i do have them, needs some work on certain bits but overall it is going well and i enjoy it.  So things are going well.

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  1. em says:

    hey luke,

    that sucks but at least you had some good memories there and now onto the next stage…. so what role do you have at your new job? support stuff?? congrats and sounds good, hope you keep enjoying yourself!!

    i’m not doing much, just at home and doing assignments and preparing for three exams in 4 weeks on neuropsychiatry, communication technology and gerontology…. so that’s about it!

    Shadreck moved in to Jess’ old room this weekend so that should be great and really looking forward to having jess back in town too. She’s going to have the parental room while they are away so she has her own bathroom and everything…..

    anyways hope everything else is sweet your end, not alot going down here.

    love ya lots, em xoxo

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