Long time no write

Well it has been a while since my last one. Getting slack! i have been really busy with work and my Volunteer patrol training. Yep that’s right, im going to be helping people when they get hurt on the mountain. Awesome hey! I just got my CPR and AED training the other day. I also get an 80hr first aid course as well. So i am pretty well trained. It get the standard of training for a nurse or health care provider. So that is a bonus, that i can use else where in my jobs.

Work has been going well and i am enjoying it, some things are stressing me out, basically cause well, im not exactly sure how to set-up some things. No experience in VPN’s.  So things are tripping along nicely here in Golden Town. Snow is starting to fall here, on a more regular basis so that is nicer than the stupid frost on the windows. Oh well, soon enough i think.

I did have a thought that i might take some Apple certification courses, and maybe if im lucky start up a business servicing or training people how to use it to the best of there abilities. Some thing like that anyhow… we will have to see what they say.

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  1. Stevo says:

    you IT people always have funny acronyms for things. VPN, MS-DOS, IUD, DUI – ha never realised those two acronyms were the reverse of each other. Hilarious, to me in my uninebriated state anyway. Think I know what a VPN is about, doesn’t it mean Virgin Polygamist Nun?
    Anyway good work on the first aid course and glad to hear snow is falling there. I’m already craving the snow season but can’t afford a trip that far north as yet. Maybe next year..

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