Shitty Week

Yes it has been a very shitty week for me. It all started after we went to Calgary on Sunday. I awoke with a pain in my upper left quadrant, just under the rip cage. I couldn’t figure out what it was, it was a dull pain. I just forgot about it. I drove to Calgary with Sara, and her parents in a car behind (gulp) the roads were shit. The snow ploughs hadn’t got out yet, and there was icy parts of the road. Slight fish tailing at 90km/h isn’t fun. So anyhow we got there ok, then found a hotel to stay in. That was all good. Felt ok, not super dooper but worked through it. Then we went to Ikea, and bought some stuff. I didn’t have much lunch, if any. So i was feeling faint, and needed some food bad. But i hung around and waited till we got to the end. Some hours later, we arrived. I went and grabbed a hot dog for 50 Cents! It hit the spot, just a bit to much. I was feeling even more off by the time i ate that. So i staggered out to the car, and had a bit of a sleep in the car, waiting for the others. Didn’t feel much better. So i went to have a sleep when we got back to the hotel. Didn’t last long, before you know it i was showing the toilet my hot dog. (He didn’t like the taste either!)

So after that, my stomach was in cramps. We rang the free nurses hotline. They recommended to go to hospital to sort it out. We sat at the hospital for 4 hours before being seen. It was awesome fun. Got a IV in my hand that wasn’t used, and then had blood taken. Turns out it was only gastro, and i am ok now. Still a little off colour, so my friends say. It was a nice trip to the hospital that set me back $500. Yay!

So after getting back to the hotel at 4am, we slept very well, and got up at 10. Ready to leave for Golden after some shopping! Nothing better when your feeling like shit! So we went to Mountain Equipment Co-Op (MEC), manage to get some caribeeners for climbing, a head light, for everything outdoors, and some chalk to climb with. It was lots of fun, should have got some shoes though.

So with that under our belt, we started to head back home. I drove to Canmore, about 2 hours worth, then was tired from being prodded the night before. So Sara drove the rest. I’m glad she did, it was snowing hard, and was just really really crappy driving conditions. She had fun in the car park at Lake Louise doing slow-mo hand-brake turns. Quite funny.

Anyhow, they built a new bridge over the canyon this year, just opened. The Prime Minster and everyone loves coming and getting photos take. It is a great bridge, in summer. Winter is totally fucken sucks. We were going down it at 60km/h and went out of the lane a bit, hit the un-compacted snow and almost totalled our car and another, whilst spinning down the bridge. It was scary! Sara did a good job with the steering not to hit anyone or thing.

So i thought the bad luck was over, it wasn’t. I was climbing. I managed to get a 5.10b i had been trying for weeks, still need to get it clean though, without stopping. Anyhow, i was done there and heading home. I ran a stop sign as i could see around 200m to my left with only 1 car on the road. That car? A cop car. Pulled me over and gave me a ticket. $170, but i get $25 off if i pay it within 30 days. Wow wee, thanks Revenue Canada Mobile Patrol! (RCMP). It was a rookie that was well, just wanting to get the hang of thing. I had to hand over the registration, and i had no idea where it was. So the older cop had to come out and tell me where to look. I had no idea where it might have been! Pissed at myself for getting a ticket, cause it was like the 10th time that day i had gone down that road. Stopping each time. Oh well, i could object, but can’t really get off it easily.

So lets hope that bad things only come in 3, cause i don’t know if any more come along it might get some kung foo in its ass!

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2 Responses to Shitty Week

  1. Kirst says:

    can you claim that on insurance then for the hospital?? Take care of yourself x x love you miss you too Kirst x x

  2. Shell says:

    What the heck is a 5.10b?? Is it the inclination of the climb? Silly silly…speeding fines are no good…and 500 for the hospital…is that because you dont have insurance? That seems awfully rude! Yes bad things come in threes so no need to worry…hope your week improves mate 🙂

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