Missing Home

Just now, i was looking at Google Maps for Australia. Now they finally have my house on the map. It made me a bit sad that im not there. It looks all sunny and warm and nice. Damn Canadians for making that word “Nice” so easy to say!!!

Check it out, coordinates are  -31.812612, 115.820816 That is my house. The one with the Arrow on it. But im not there, just my dog, and a few other people. It is what i will call my de facto house. As in i have a room, but not lodging there. Yeah.

BTW Keith Rocks.

I watched a good move the other night, it was Mr Magoriums Magical Emporium.  It has some words that i liked. Like disphoria, as in the opposite of euphoria. I don’t think it is a real word but i like the idea of it. It also had some good stuff in there about King Lear and the play, something in that epilogue touched me, it was something about standing up and being counted.  Along those lines anyhow. Wish i could find the script online. Searched for ages. Anyhow it is good.

Well this is just a little update. I have the whole week to myself as Sara is away. Studying hard for my upcoming test on First Aid, bit scary but i’m sure that i will have it down pat by the time i have to do it. Smart bunny i am.

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  1. Dad says:

    We miss you too mate, we would love you to come home !! We are a bit homesick as well as we a re on our big trip. xxx Dad

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