Yerah, isn’t it funny how music can invoke reaction, feeling, thought and a whole tundra of emotions. I am just listening to Imogen Heap. She is a great singer, highly recommended by me. My mate Tony, has got me back into listening to her, and i really enjoy her music, it is emotive. That is one of the reasons that i like it. The other is that it brings up some memories that i would rather not think or feel. The feelings start out negative, then end up being a kind of remembrance for the person i think about. It’s funny how some songs bring up the bad things you wish you could do again, make right. Alas it isn’t possible to do that, otherwise i would be constantly doing things over. Cause i know that i have made many mistakes, some good and others bad learning wise. I guess that is what life is all about, learning. Sometimes i wish i didn’t have to. On the other hand i know that it is a good thing also, stretching me and making me more tolerant and tough at the same time.  Yeah, i need to sleep, this sounds like garbled crap.

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3 Responses to Hmmm

  1. emma says:

    i also get what you mean about negative connotations with imogen heap’s songs (i respect that she makes her own music as well) but once you get past all that, then you can actually associate new meaning into the same songs, so it kinda prolongs its life within your own life:)

    if that makes sense!

  2. Kirst says:

    I guess the thing is you have to leave some off those old memories behind and make new ones to the music…ruminanting on bad things doesn’t actually get you anywhere…learn what you need to and move on….you may glimpse bits of the past but the future is where your thoughts should lie….so make new thoughts and feelings to the music and the bad ones fade….always distant but much more manageable…..take care love Kirst x x x

  3. Meghan says:

    Imogen Heap is amazing…. =] And I know what you mean about music bringing up memories, happens to me everytime I listen to Missy Higgins, and lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble listening to her stuff because of that. The good and bad side to music we love I suppose.

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