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Stray yah Day

Tweet Holy Shit! Let me just say that i had one of thee best Australia Days i have ever had. It was heaps  and heap and heaps of fun. Stared drinking at 3pm, but ill get back to that. Started … Continue reading

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Brrr, its chilly

Tweet Well i have been get cold legs recently. The weather has been hovering around the -20C for the last week. It is very nipply, and leg numbing too! Apart for the cold it has been a good week with … Continue reading

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Great Canadian Death Race

Tweet So i am hoping to go in this race in the month of August. The name is the Great Canadian Death Race. It is a 125km race over 17,000 feet (5181.6m) of Vertical. Swamps, cliffs, rocky ridges it has … Continue reading

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So long, fair-well, adure

Tweet Well another relationship is over. It is hard cause i initiated it.  I never like breaking up with someone.  It is really hard for me, to see someone hurting. Stupid sensitive side! OH well, i know that i did … Continue reading

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I heart Regina

Tweet I don’t really, just like saying the name. It is super funny.  It is pronounced like Angina, but with an R instead. Oh the joy of saying it. I giggle every time i say it, or lately have been … Continue reading

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