I heart Regina

I don’t really, just like saying the name. It is super funny.  It is pronounced like Angina, but with an R instead. Oh the joy of saying it. I giggle every time i say it, or lately have been saying it a lot and have had to resort to just smiling, other wise it takes up to much time. I went out there for Xmas, with Sara. It was a fun time. Did lots in the short time that i was there. We went skating on a pond, which was awesome. I didn’t fall over once, whilst Sara did and she is blaming it on the uneven-ness of the skating surface.  I just blame it on poor bent knee placement.  Played street hockey on Xmas day, which i scored the winning goal. I did also cheat quite a bit by pushing Sara into the snow, on several occasions and picking the little kids up under my arm and still stick handling. It was awesome fun. Have to keep on doing that i think.  We dropped some stuff off at Sara’s parents cabin out near the lake. And took the Toboggan out with us. So it was a real toboggan made of wood, so we had fun going down a little slope. I won the “how far can you travel” race. I almost ran into a wire fence  about 50m away. I had to use my snowboarding skills to turn the toboggan, it was a fun time.  We also went out to Manitoba, just for a quick visit. It was a good time. Sara’s grandma lives out in Langenburg, just on the border. So that is why i went out over the border. I was so close so i just had to! 4 Provinces and still going. Lots of driving but still fun. Well that is pretty much my xmas wrap. Hope that everyone else had a fun time, and was stinking it up in the heat. I was was chilly cold and it was awesome. i was Steaming after playing hockey, that is right i was too hot for the environment! What can i say… it is hard being me (ha!)

Ohh ohh one more thing that freaked me out was the river was steaming, cause it was warmer than the air around it. That is just freaky to see,  steaming river.  Another thing that was weird was the white bunny in the back yard, they actually turn white on there own! I know freaky, brown in summer and white in winter! I saw a waskly wabbit!

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  1. Shell says:

    How do you know the rabbits are brown in summer and white in winter? Are there no bunnies that are white all the time?? Sounds like you had a great time which is excelent. Yes we are still sweating it out here…and the flies are terrible this year…like cant see peoples faces bad. Glad to hear you got to meet Saras folks and gran…how did that all go anyway?

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