Stray yah Day

Holy Shit! Let me just say that i had one of thee best Australia Days i have ever had. It was heaps  and heap and heaps of fun. Stared drinking at 3pm, but ill get back to that. Started off late, so went for an Arctic ski (AKA Nordic Ski), the trails were so nice and the view was amazing as always. It was a bit foggy but you could see the silhouette of the mountains. Awesome. Then we had sushi for lunch and i took a couple of photos of my 3.5yr old Girlfriend with Aussie Tat’s on her face. So cute. Then we went for a snowboard with Dana and Brendar. Which was really fun. Then headed to the Local Hero with Dana, to drink some OP Bundy. Holy cow that stuff gives you gut rot! So i quickly changed to my normal rye. I was on it all night after that. About 6 ish. My Mate Cody had finally unlocked his keys from his car, so we went down the mountain. Headed straight to the Taps. Where i continued to drink and socialise. Then around 9pm, the DJ came on. He was freaking great. Although seeing im the local tech that knows everything (HA!) He asked me to help him with why his  Slide show wasn’t showing on the big screen. I fiddled with cords, but couldn’t get it working. Mind you i didn’t tell him what time i started drinking.

After that the night just got better and better, and i got drunker and drunker. I didn’t spent too much.  I danced, had a shot with Dana after she got off work. She normally doesn’t drink so we all had a shot for Australia day. Then towards the end there was a mosh pit which  was getting a bit rowdy, so i instinctively put my arms out to protect my friends and created a barrier, Brendar’s Man, Cookie did the same. It was quite funny.

I then got a lift home from Dana, after dropping most other people off. There were some really drunk ppl that wanted to drive home. So she gave them a lift home.  I met some really nice people, who i might try and keep in touch with over the rest of the season.

It is weird but seeing as im not apart of the “hill” culture any more, i seem to be out of the loop of people that i know. It is quite an odd feeling. I do enjoy not being up there, working. In some ways it is still nice to be able to work and ride at the same time.  Anyhow’s i have  stated that it was an awesome day. One that will live on for many years to come.

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