At this point and time in my life. I find it hard to ever want to leave this place. Golden, BC. The hour i get up now, is around 8, out the door by around quarter to 9. Just as the sun is rising. It is glorious, i can’t think of a more spectacular image. Mount 7 covered in snow, light shinning up behind it. Just amazing. If i ever think to take my camera out with me i will have to get a shot. I love this town. Some people come for the winter and leave for the summer. Alas they don’t know what they are missing out on. There is more to do in this town that i think there is to do in all of Banff and Lake Louise. Although, why am i writing this on the web? Were people can read it and then come and plunder the spoilt the place and people that live here.

For some reason when i went travelling with Sara, and people asked us where we lived etc. We both would turn into little advertisements for Golden. One of her friends remarked that we sound like the PR from the hill. We weren’t, or we aren’t. I can’t talk for Sara but i think i turned into the PR firm cause i love this place soo soo much. The people are really friendly, i have made some friends that will last the ages. Even the thought of leaving makes me tear up a little. So somehow i need to convince the government that i should stay here for good. I really need to find myself a good immigration lawyer, who can set a few things straight in my mind.

When i do go travelling i do enjoy myself seeing new sights, but there is a calming feeling to heading back home. Coming thru Kicking Horse Pass, and peering down on Golden, the Kicking Horse River and the Columbia river. (Aside- BC got its nameĀ  partly from the Columbia river) Or travelling in from Rogers Pass, and seeing the Blaeberry Valley and the little cottages dotted throughout the landscape. It is just a spectacular place. I love it here. I may be a walking billboard for Golden, but i am proud to call Golden my home. A place where i could happily spent the rest of my life, if only the government would let me.

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  1. Mum says:

    So glad to hear you are sooo happy there…it is a lovely town….maybe we (all us Aussies) should emigrate so we can be with you there ? lol just kiddding mate. Love mum xox Ps I love the snow and the mountains too…beam me over Scottie !!!

  2. Slyv says:

    Marry a Canadian !

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