Sore so sore

Patrolled this weekend, it was good fun. Lots of soft powder, lots of first tracks. Lots of friends to ski with, no line to deal with, despite everyone else spending around 20-40mins lined up. It was great. Also had my first 10-40. Yep my first time to use my skills i learnt. The dude got slashed in the face by a friend on a snowboard. Nice cut above his lip. Was pretty cool. I enjoyed helping him out, chatting and everything. I did manage to get another Patroller, Joelyene to come and help me. I was fairly nervous but seemed to do ok with it all. Didn’t screw up to bad, forgot a few things on the mega long form, but other than that it was all good. He had to go to hospital to get it stitched up properly.

I managed to get stuck so many times it was awesome fun, the powder was mid shin most of the time. I loved it. Went back to my secret spots, that aren’t so secret, but no one goes there. Trees need love too people!

My mate Josh and Jase came into town on the Friday night as well.  They managed to get in under 1.5hrs from Revelstoke. Which is super fast considering that for 5 hours before the highway was closed. It was a fun time of drinking and general shindiery. We did miss the wet t-shirt contest cause someone was hungry. That was a pitty, but we did get to hang out and talk geek for a lot of the time. So much fun to do that. I miss it sometimes. Apart from that i really didn’t get to do many runs with them as they had to wait in line and i had to get to the top and back down again incase of anything going wrong. hehe ( just really want to do lots of laps)

Overall it was a super stellar weekend and i enjoyed it lots.

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