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Well lots has been going on recently. Well in Golden Terms, it has. Things don’t move to fast over here but some how i have been really busy. I went getting my fill of cultural goodies over the last week. I went to the golden Broadway musical. It was really fun, with various songs from different musicals being sung. I knew about 1/2 the cast so it made it even more fun. I then went out after and had some fun listening to a beatboxer, then proceeded to go and stay up for 24hrs and chat with some friends watching various clips from Youtube. It was quite the night. I was buggered after though and slept for a full 5 hours! Awesome.

The next night i didnt do much but i did manage to go for a 20-ish km run. I just mapped out out. i didn’t think it was that far. It didnt take me long either. only around 1.5hrs. Im very surprised. Anyhow i’ll link to the map so you can see.

So there it is .

Then on Monday night, i went to the ballet. It was really good. The chicks were hot, the dudes were really strong. And it had a bit of everything. I would go again and plan to as well. It was a production from Ballet Kewlona. It was good fun with the Hudson’s. I wasn’t planing on going but did cause i had nothing else to do.

So that is my summary of weekend, quite fun and exciting.

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