Stupid people

/begin rant
I had a guy yesterday that really got my goat, not literally but figuratively. He was stupid. Really he was. He was trying to compare computer repairs with mechanic repairs. How do you do that? Like this. You say that a mechanic can fix anything and diagnose anything for $60. Where it is $75 and hour for me. Then you start to question the guys teaching and how much he knows on the subject. “Did you go to school for this?” “How long, mechanics go for 4 years” Blah blah blah.

The problem came in like this. Not booting. first thing you try, power supply. No boot. Take everything out of computer. Should beep. No beep. Tell him it is dead. He is annoyed. Go back and try one more time after putting it back together. Boots. You wonder why, something is up. Replace power supply with Bigger one than they had in there. Boots, Smaller Power supply, boots. Ask him which power supply he wants. He says bigger one. You put it in. Then you start to get funny messages from the Hard Drive. Start to wonder what is going on. Check the disk for errors. Find errors, drive is dying. Tell him he needs a new drive. Doesn’t like it.  So you put it together for him and he takes it. Not before moaning and groaning about it.

Don’t mechanics sometimes fix something then find out that something else is wrong after fixing the first problem? I think so, it has happened to me. Same with computers, you can’t find one problem with out fixing another first. If the car doesn’t start how do you know that you have a hole in the head? You don’t. Stupid man, fucking stupid man.

I asked him if he wanted me to put a smaller power supply in, he said no, what else could i do. Not do anything and charge him $80. I would have liked to. He was stupid. He was trying to get me to reduce the price cause he was in a band. Like i care he is in a band. He chose to be in the band, i didn’t. I worked hard on the machine, and he whines and complains about how it doesn’t work. I told him it doesn’t work. I put a few tiny scratches on the side of this case, he flipped out. I didn’t get a chance to clean it, when the scratches would have come out. It’s a computer, why did you buy a shiny black computer? It goes out of the way, your not going to see it. Jesus, man, grow some balls and get over it. I did feel bad about some of the scratches, but in the end i didn’t cause he was a prick at the end of a hard day. Wanker.

So at the end of it, i just went out and had a drink, after the first glass of wine i was all good and forgot about the stupid man. It turned out to be a good night, didn’t get home till around 3.30am. Back at work at 9.30am. Tired but happy. 🙂

/end rant

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