Open Letter to Truck owners in Golden

Why is there a need for trucks in town? I know that Goldenites love their trucks, i however do not. I believe that the carbon tax that has just been introduced by the BC government should also include an extra tax for recreational trucks. If you have a legitimate use for one i.e. business use only. Then that is fine, prove it with tax receipts. The government shouldn’t be going after people that have vehicles that don’t guzzle fuel and pollute like trucks. I don’t believe the argument “I need it to pull my sled”, is valid. There are many other cars on the road that have a similar pulling power. Do you really need 350hp? Just looking at one company website, which is represented in town. There are at least 2 other viable options that have enough pulling power for a 5th wheel, or your sled. Trucks of the size over here (the west) are much less common over east. Why is that? What do they do with all the same things that “we” need to pull?

The size of trucks is another thing, they are a hazard on the road to all other users. Trucks with a 6in lift kit and sled deck, whilst looking cool to a minority really are at more danger of tipping over and injuring someone. Have you ever considered what would happen if your truck hit a minivan or passenger vehicle with children in it? If you live out in the Blaeberry or up on the west bench or out of town. Do you need a big truck? I know of lots of people that have SUV’s or all wheel drive cars, which can do just fine getting up and down steep hills. So why the need for a big dirty truck?

I must admit that coming from Australia, one and a half years ago i was shocked at the size of the vehicles. I thought that the US was the only place that had overly large vehicles, I was wrong. I know from personal experience working in the construction industry that trucks like over here, don’t even get sold any more. How often do you need to have anything over 1 tonne (2000 lb’s) on your truck? Not very often i think.

I have come to accept the fact that Golden loves trucks. At the same time, don’t you want to leave this town and environment for your grand children to enjoy as well? Ditch the truck, and get something that you can save money on?

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