MacBook, where are you?

Well Zoey, that is what im going to call her. Cause well, the item is Z0EY, so it looks like that, so she will be called that. Everything is in Mississauga, ON. Hopefully arriving by the end of the week. It went from Shanghai, to Alaska, to Memphis, to Mississauga. Who knows where it will go from there! I will keep you updates. I’m so excited. Expect to see some photos on Flickr when i get it! Yay!

<update> Zoey has been sitting in the Calgary depot for 2 days! I am getting annoyed. The status tag reads “Package not due for delivery” Bull shit it is due for delivery! To my place. Maybe people in Calgary don’t know where Golden, BC is? Never mind that if they travel to anywhere on the National Highway they have to pass thru. Idiots. I’m getting annoyed. </update>

<update 6/5/2008> I have lodged a track with Apple, they say that they can’t do anything till that track is closed, 15 business days, so that would make it over a month since it was meant to be delivered. I wanted to see if i could pick one up in Seattle when i was down there. Doesn’t look like i can. I’m annoyed and will be ringing again tomorrow to see if there is anything that can be done. I know that everyone involved with the case up to Fedex in Calgary doesn’t know where it is.  So if the people that were looking for it don’t know where it is then, why can’t i just get a new one. I know they have procedures. A month is a long time to look for a package, especially if Fedex has been looking on there own as well. </update 6/5/2008>

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