Lala la

Well things are going quitely on the ranch. just chilln’ and taking it easy really. Not much going on. Reading and drinking and sleeping mainly.¬†

¬†Found out that Fedex have lost my computer and that they don’t know where it is. So they are looking for it and trying to track it down. Lets see if the find it, cause i really need it to start my course and to do some work on. I don’t really have a computer at home so that makes it a bit tough. Other than that everything is going hunky dory.

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2 Responses to Lala la

  1. Shell says:

    Good lord! Is there anything they DONT lose?? You seem to be having quite the time of it with mail problems…hows everything else coming along? Heard anything from customs yet?

  2. Dan says:

    Tell them to look in the Janitor Closet!!! How can they lose a big box?? Good old FedEx!

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