I have 2 good things to announce! I’m not sure which one is better. They are both equally exciting. I will go with the one that cost least money but was more exciting. My trip to Victoria and The San Juans’ and Seattle. I went to get a Visa so that i can stay in the country legally for the next 2 years. It all worked out after i told them that i was allowed to stay in the country for 2 years and not just one, it was quite fun but i was all done by 9.40am. It then took me 2 almost 3 hours to find my travelling cohorts, cause of the fact that there phone’s didn’t work and that is how we were going to communicate. It was fun walking around but really i just wanted to leave the country and get my visa sorted out at the border. We ended up on coming back thru Abbotsford rather than going thru Idaho (your not a ho, i’da-ho, hehe) It was a fun trip, but whilst i was in the states, i found out that i could get my mac finally! It has only been missing for 1 month and 7 days but i ordered a new one today. Got free express shipping, and i asked what else i could get and they said anything. so i ordered a $130 laptop backpack that has heaps of cool pockets and stuff like that. So wouldn’t have normally spent that kind of money but it was fun to spend the money and get something which is going to last. Hopefully it will be in by Monday or even better in by the end of the week. I shall wait and see what happens to it again this time!

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3 Responses to Yay

  1. Gussy says:

    They need to stamp your passport, plus i didn’t have the visa at all, so i needed to obtain it. Also the mac hasn’t’ arrived just yet, should be here in the next few days!

  2. Dan M says:

    Hey there Gussy, thats good news on both things. How about a pic of our new toy?? Good old fedex they would lose themselfs 🙂

    Shelly, congrats on the new one. He a good looking boy 🙂 Now Uncel Gussy has to go all that way to bounce him on his knee 🙂

    Dan M.

  3. Shell says:

    Uum Im confusecd why did you have to go to the States to get a Canadian visa? Congrats on the arrival of your notebook – Im a PC girl myself but apples are coming up in the world yes?

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