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I was browsing the net (looking for a new lense for my camera, 12-24mm f4 Nikon) and read about Ken Rockwell’s thoughts on saving money. Thought some of them are quite good. I am thinking of ditching some of the Credit cards and closing some accounts, to save money. I really don’t like being in debt. So i am trying to get out of it. Starting with my folks. They are in a crunch as well, with Dad not able to work full time and payments from the Government getting cut off etc. Maybe they should start a veggie garden in the front?? (Oh shit, why did i write that mum will do it!) That would save them lots. hehe, But Chickens in the backyard with a excited 2yr old black lab/collie is a BAD IDEA!

I’m not doing to badly with money at the moment. I have 2 full time jobs, so that is giving me lots of money with little time to spend it. I have been doing 14hr days for the last 2 weeks, with weekends off.  I haven’t been following Ken’s ideas about no caffeine! It has sucked but at the same time i have enjoyed i. Working with people sort of has helped to make it more fun. (I work in a Beer store, so that keeps me on my toes. Filling fridges etc ) Knowing that im saving money for going home, and hopefully paying off debt! I am well on the way to reaching my goal for my trip at the end of the year. If i keep on it all summer, i will be set! Then i can start on the Line of Credit. Once that is paid off i need to save for my citizenship! I think i will always have 2 jobs of sorts. It makes sense to use the time your not able to do anything else earning money. I’m not saying to give up having friends and fun.  Some thing that is 3-4 nights a week would be awesome. Still gives you time to have fun and enjoy life.  I have told  Second work that i need at least 1 full day off work, so i can recharge a bit and do things around the house. Like laundry, thou i do have a 1/2 wife in the house that would do it for me. lol NOT! Climb, haven’t done that in a while. Should be able to get out when i get a night off and do it seeing that it stays light till around 10pm most nights and getting later! Woohoo!!

So yes, save your money, and don’t spend it. LOL

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  1. Mum says:

    Too late with the comments re the veggie garden in the front …well actually it is a herb garden mostly but I have planted some capsicums too as we like them in most things and they are very expensive..when it gets warmer, I will plant some “tommy artoes”…if i plant out the front, the Buddy boy only pees on them and doesn’t dig them up…sounds tasty eh ??? lol

    By the way, Council aid I can have 13 chooks but no roosters and no emus or peacocks or peahens or ostriches… I’m glad they made that clear…. I don’t think I have enough room for any of them really but maybe we could just try for a little bit and see how it goes ???

    Hey, you should see the deck that Phil is building us – and dad and I ahve been building a water feature from slate.. can’t wait to show you when you come back…

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