Pet Peeves #1

So i have developed some pet peeves over the last couple of weeks. Actually since i moved to Golden, or Canada or North America. It is one of the bain’s of my existence, the Truck. I know i have harped on about it before, but just recently i have become vehemently objected to them. The main reason has been the amount of gas they consume. The other is the fact that i ride my bike on the road, and well they are fucking huge and scare the shit out of me. I don’t want to be killed by one. Also the fact that 90% of trucks aren’t needed, IMO.

So i was talking with my flat mate, room mate, what ever you want to call him. Anyhow he is a country Albertan, always had a truck. he had a truck that was falling apart on him. So i told him to get something smaller, seeing he doesn’t actually use the tray part very often, only to collect snow, rocks, rubbish (garbage) etc. He might move the occasional bed or piece of furniture in it too. I was telling him to get something cheaper, and more economic. He was like, no fuck off. I’m buying a truck cause they are cheap to buy now. Never mind the fact that he will Never use the capabilities built into the truck, the 6 billion tonnes that it can carry, etc. So what did he do?

Bought a new truck, never mind the fact that he drives it up a hill every day and parks it, till the end of the day then drives it down. Never mind the fact that gas (petrol) prices are around $1.40/ L currently and going up. Never mind the fact that currently it cost him $120 to fill the tank, which he might be doing 2 times a week. Never mind the fact that it is fucking huge and a waste of money buying new car (I’m surprised people don’t know this by now). Never mind the fact im ranting here!

So you can see, i hate trucks, so much so i would long for the day that the 35mpg/ G or 25L/100km comes in and the fact that they will become extinct. It will take a while, but the more people get rid of them for other vechiles that can actually do the same thing and are more reliable, and cheaper to run the better. Oh i long for that day. 2010 can’t come soon enough on that front!

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2 Responses to Pet Peeves #1

  1. Mum says:

    PS and call home !!!!

  2. Mum says:

    ah, I love a passionate person…with the guts to express what they really think !!! Rave on my son….

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