Busy, busy boy!

im really busy. I have no time to do things that i like doing, i am meant to be studing for my Mac training, but my internet has gone down. A forest fire burt the fibre cables, so half the valley is without internet, high speed ADSL. It sucks. I think i might be calling them after work today and finding out if i can get a credit for the downtime.

I am still working 3-4 days a week. It is frantic at work. Next week i am the computer biatch for town, so everything is up to me. I will end up riding around on Franklin. He is the one shinning light in the crazy mess that is enveloping me currently. He is a 40 year old Green town bike. Norco brand, seat, it is a shifting bike, but i made is a single speed. He is beautiful. I’ll try and get some pics up sooner or later.

That is all for now, hopefully things will progress to having more a life in the long term. Holidays in 3.5 months! woot!

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  1. Shell says:

    wow sounds like your busy! How’d you go on frankin? Hope you wore your hemlet like a good boy hahaha…are you just doing the one job now? Talk soon mate love ya xo

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