Loving it

I love how when someone else starts blogging, that i know of. I tend to start to want to blog more too. Besides the fact that i am not working as much any more. Hurray! no more 60 hour weeks. I will get to ENJOY the last of summer and the begining of fall (autum) I was dying from working so hard, but hey. I got to my goal for savings so that made things all the much better. Now i can write to you, do my mac course that i have been planning on doing all summer long. Also i can catch up with firends and have some fun!

I had a quick chat tonight with my sis, in NZ and my mum in AUS. God i love skype. I just wish i could do a 3 way video call. That would be cool. I think my folks need a higher plan bandwidth. The picture i get from her is all blocky and distorted. She also can not work out how to plug in the head phones, even though the mac only has 2 places it can go. she is unable to work it out.

So i’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, eating better and then getting fitter. Ski season is coming, i need to start getting my legs in shape. I actually bought ski boots the other day. They are Dalbello Aerro 40’s. They were brand new for under 200 dollars. I love them, and they are the best thing you can get for my money. So now i need to get some ski’s but they could come later.

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