Grrr, i hate bosses sometimes

So i had an argument with my beer store boss. I am taking this weekend off to go to Calgary. Yes it was a little last minute, although i did give the a weeks notice, before i left, and the roster for that week hadn’t been done at all. In total im taking 3 days off “beer store” work. Never mind the fact that i have been working 4-6 nights a week for the whole summer, working around 58-75hrs a week. On top of my normal job, he was complaining that i took the time off. I didn’t ask for it, i didn’t discuss it with him. With all have done pretty much supporting the beer store at night, i think what i did was fair. He wanted to know why i didn’t talk about it eariler, i told him cause it was a last minute thing.

Another thing i did was told them that i am going to 2 days a week, by the end of the month. They hired a guy the next day. Sure i can see that a note isn’t the best way to do it, but when your boss is really busy and you are too, you don’t have time to chat things over.

I am pissed cause well. This is the 3rd time i have taken time off all summer. The first took 2 weeks to get off and they only told me a day before that i got it off. I wasn’t able to do anything, cause i was meant to go camping, but couldn’t cause i had no ride. I was pissed. The second time, was 2 days, so in total i think i have had so far, not including these ones coming up, 4 days off. He was complaining that he couldn’t go camping, he had postponed it from early august. Boo frickin hoo, your a boss, you run a business. I think he has had a lot of time down in Kewlona, Veron etc over summer. I can recall about 5 times he has gone away.

I asked him what he wanted me to do, he wanted me to take it another time. I told him that it wasn’t possible. That i was going to a anniversary, and i couldn’t change 50 peoples itinerary. He asked me a few times to change my holiday. Fuck him, he can take his lardy ass somewhere else, i have worked my butt of for him, and he bitches about me taking 3 days off. I was almost ready to quit on his ass last night. I will keep on going with my 2 days a week till i leave. I want to come back to help my immediate boss, as she is nice. I feel that she gets a raw deal, and don’t want to fuck her over. The other big boss, he can go fuck himself. I’m pissed, and ranting. Grrr made me so mad, jerk.

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2 Responses to Grrr, i hate bosses sometimes

  1. Sara says:

    If he continues to stress you out. Quit. You’ve been working so hard. It’s not worth killing yourself over it.

    I’m glad you stood up to him and that you came to Calgary with me. 🙂

  2. Kirst says:

    hope your boss doesn’t read this lucas!!!! you could be in a lot of trouble indeed…at home at the moment just trying to get some work done but not really succeeding!

    love you Kirst x x

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