Fun in Calgary?

Well i may say i had a great weekend in Calgary. One of one 2 such occasions. Bike polo was the reason this time. It was the most fun i have had on 2 wheels in a long time. OMG, if you own a bike this is next thing you need to try. If you don’t then you need to try it. It is the best thing on 2 wheels!!!!

So if you dont know what bike polo is, search it on Youtube, and you will find something. The centre of the bike polo universe is well, anywhere you damn well want. check out for links to other groups of people that are into it as much as you should be!

So the tournament as a double elimination type game. Meaning that you needed to lose 2 times before you were out of the comp. 3 on 3. body on body, mallet on mallet, bike on bike. Drop a foot and you have to tape out at centre. On a hockey court it is quite a large amount of time to do that. Those guys in calgary know how to move a bike around the court, geez they can move. I was skidding around the place trying to stop the ball.

Got in there a few times, need to work on my accuracy though. I missed a few easy shots, which could have put us up a few goals. Meaning that we could have had some more games, oh well. accuracy will come later on.

I am really happy that bike polo is around. It is soo much fun, i just wish that everyone else could experience it. If your in Golden, come out to the BBall courts on Sundays and Wednesdays.

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