I follow lots of blogs online and in thru RSS feeds, one i like related to Macs is Macenstein. Whilst visiting the site i came upon this article. It is intersting to see the comments, and how they are not all “oh dang! She is fine” More over they are “Wow, only with a light off” or “Give me a real woman” and my fav, “Don’t put near heat source”. You can read these for yourself thought.

It just struck me as something awesome. People are fed the “perfect” image of what a woman or man looks like, but the majority of people on this site are revolting against said image. Awesome. So basically, im asking has the image of a perfect woman/man gone to far? Are we now seeing “prefection” and going, nope, don’t like it, give me some real woman/man with imperfections? What will all the people that have paid $11000000 do with there fake boobs and lips and other body parts? Do they have to go back to being ugly? Course not, they can be there to look at and turn against. lol. Thoughts?

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