Well well

It is has been quite the boring and uneventful week. Nothing so far has gone on. 1 thing that has occured is i went for a hike on Sunday. It was awesome fun, i will have to post some photos on Flickr some time soon. Once i get them off the camera. I went with Heather, up to Emerald Lake. It is an amazing lake, just like you would expect on a postcard. It is only around a 40min drive from my house too. Hehe, i love where i live. We then started the walk around the side of the lake, and ended up taking the walk upto the Emerald Basin, that is where there are large mountains, and coulairs etc. It really was nice, long way up too. We were estimating that we gained loads of elevation in our short walk. Around 200ft we think, maybe more. The pics tell a better story.

Heather and I had some good talks, just about random crap, and catching up. Something we hadn’t done in a long time. Both of us were quite busy over summer. Good thing i enjoy her company as a friend, cause i am going travelling with her around the world. Only 53 days till we leave!!! Woot!

The total hike took around 5hrs which isnt to bad, seeing that we had lunch and a look around, stopped to pick rasberries. We did only meet 1 other group of ppl on our trip up the mountain side. So cool. They had a dinner bell on, aka bear bell. We didn’t take any bear spray with us, maybe i should get some. I just think that if the bear is there, and wants to eat us. Nothing will stop him. So far i haven’t even been close to a bear. I make noise as i go along, so that should give them fair warning that im coming.

So that is my update for the last little while.

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  1. Mum says:

    don’t fancy you being bear food….take care please….

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