Old Fart

It seems that “that” time of the year is coming around again, not Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or any other world Holiday. My Birthday (it should be a world holiday!), I’m going to be turning the “ripe” young age of 28.

Many years ago, when i was much younger (early 20’s). I heard that the Government of Australia was implementing Digital TV, starting in 2008 (now moved back to 2012, i think) i thought to myself. Mmm, i want to be in a long term or married relationship by that time. Well thinks aren’t exactly where i planned them. Sure I’m in a semi-long term relationship (sort of at 1 yr and counting). Things are looking up on the relationship front. So i know it’s not all bad, it is just a realisation that things don’t always work out the way that you want them too.

I am in no way unhappy with how things have happened. In fact despite all that has been thrown at me, I’m loving life and the people around me. Eagerly awaiting what is going to happen next im my path in life.

So with this in mind, i look forward to the many more years ahead of me! Love, life and all the good things in between!

Here is my shopping list of things i want also for my Birthday (in less than a Month!). I know they are exotic and suit me to a tee!

iPod Touch

Tokina f/2.8 11-16mm (which i might get in a week or so!)

That is it. No more.

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4 Responses to Old Fart

  1. Mum says:

    ps we shall buy your birthday adn xmas presents when you are here with us ok ?

  2. Mum says:

    what on earth is a tokina ? and how much does it cost ? and if you feel old, imagine how ancient I feel !!!

    Good to hear things are going well on the “relationship” front too.

    Being grateful and enjoying life is the best way to live – I think having “expectations” of how you want things to turn out, often spoils what life has for us – ie life often has a better plan for us than our best expectations…. does that make any sense.

    I know that the less I “expect” the happier I am …because everything then is a bonus….

  3. Gussy says:

    I am planning on staying in Canada as long as i can. Currently Legal till May 2010. Plenty of time to sort something out!

  4. Dan M. says:

    OH yea you a old timer now!! lol I would give anything to be your age again 🙂 that great that all is going well with you. sound like you have a special girl there and all is going well. Just take it as it comes and you be alright :)) I sound like a old wise man but I I been though the Sh*T .

    You planing to stay in Canada??

    Dan M.

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