Goodbye, i hope it isn’t for ever

Well on Tuesday the 26th August, 2008 at 6.45am. The most significant person in my life (second to my parents) to date walked out my front door, and drove 8 hours away to Victoria, British Columbia. It was a sad day, even now, i get a little teary to know that it will be a while before i see her again. I have enjoyed spending the last year with her. Even if at times it was fucked up and weird. We both learnt lots about us, ourselves and each other. I wouldn’t change anything currently (except maybe for the 8hrs away). We both know that this is the right thing to do, for her. It is tough being here, but im excited about business ideas that are coming to a head and also about what the future holds for me. It is really an exciting time for both of us.

I wanted to keep this short. I also wanted her to know that i’m thinking of her.

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  1. Sara says:

    Aw you’re making me teary. Thanks for the shout out. <3

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