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I went to an active transportation forum tonight. Seeing that i can’t sleep and am excited about it, i thought that i would write about what i know and learnt tonight. So what is active transportation? Well it is basically anything that uses the body for motion, walking, riding, skateboarding, roller blading, wheelchairs etc.

The idea is to create communities that can use these functions much more easily and thus rely less on the cost and associated problems related with car usage. It’s not about saying that cars are bad, boo cars. It is about saying, hey this lifestyle that i lead is unhealthy. I should be getting at least 30 mins of exercise a day but I’m only getting 2 mins. I need to do something about that. It is about making us less reliant on oil and more healthy and dependable on ourselves. I like the idea, it sure makes me think that it can be done, not only that, it must be done. The example was errands, how many times have your driven to the shops, only a few blocks away instead of riding, or walking? Sure it was convenient but how much CO2 did you put out into the environment, to save you that 10 mins?

The average American walks 800 metres a day!

That is a stunning and shameful fact, Canada is not far off. So i am very interested in seeing how much I can do in Golden to change attitudes and regulations. What can be done to make this situation change? How can things in Golden change?

Studies were put forward stating that if nothing it done about this that the cost of helping all the people that are obese in relation to BMI (Body Mass Index) the health system is going to crash, along with everything else. It is not a matter of if’s it is a matter of whens.

Children need 90 mins of activity every day, yet somehow they don’t get it. Instead they get over 5 hours of TV a day. How does this add up? It doesn’t it just makes me wonder and resolvant to make sure my kids are fit and healthy regardless of where they live.

It does sound like a lot of dooms and glooms, but in reality, its the truth. The investment now is really a long life investment for the future. North America is 20-30 years behind Europe. There is lots more going on there about biking and active transport than is even being considered here.

To finish up i am giving you some links about Active Transportation, so you can see just how important and relevant it is today and in the future.

Active Transportation dot org

Public Health Canada


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