Ha, take that flu!

So yesterday, i was coming down with a cold, i could feel it. Thick head, runny nose. So rather than battle the day out. I did something i normally wouldn’t do. I went home, took lots of pills and slept. Then i got up, took some more pills, ate then went to bed. First though i talked to my special lady, couldn’t not talk to her. In the morning, i woke up feeling fine, could breath thru the 2 nostrils i was given. I think i have beaten the cold. I am still taking the natural pills to help me build my resistance up to bugs again, but hopefully i am over it. Half a day down, and im back baby! Yeah! Eat shit cold, you suck, i rule!

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One Response to Ha, take that flu!

  1. DanMac says:

    Hey, glad that you are back!! I thought a bear got you up thee in the woods!
    you know what you need for that cold is 8 hot butter rums!! that will fix you up fast!! take care buddy and watch out for those Canadian bears.


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